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Truck mounted air compressors, generators and welders - portable air compressors, engine driven compressors, hydraulically driven air compressors, underdeck air compressors, under chassis air compressors, diesel engine compressors, gas engine air compressors, propane air compressors, on the rail air compressors, skid mounted air compressors

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Oil Tempered MB Class II K07001 A‐229 (II) 1065 J316 Cl. II 10270‐2 Type I, Cl.II G3560 SWO‐BFD NS ... Specification Cross‐Reference of Spring Materials ...

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Your filter cross reference results on Toolbox, Donaldson Australia's online filter cross reference and part search tool. We cannot find your part in our database. Please enter your part number and submit. Call 800-462-7335 for tractor parts from Cross Creek Tractor. Quality parts for over 30 years with a full 1 year warranty and 90 day return policy. Synthetic Lubricant Cross Reference Chart Series Other Synthetic Automotive Oils, Industrial Engine Oils, Agriculture Oils (Products Not Included in Previous Automotive Synthetic Lubricant Charts) Name SAE/ISO Viscosity Grade Remarks Amsoil ANG SAE (20W) 40 Natural Gas Engine Oil, Low Ash Cat® Oils. Final Drive and Axle Oil – for off-highway trucks, large track-type tractors, pipe-layers and track skidders; Diesel and Natural Gas Engine Oil – protects earthmoving, commercial, marine and on-highway truck diesel engines; Gear Oil – for Cat manual transmissions, differentials, and final drives and sealed lubricated track joints Agriculture. As a farmer, you face a multitude of hard-to-control challenges. One thing you can control is what you put in your equipment. Cenex ® lubricants stand the test of time with more than 75 years of proven off-road performance.

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Cross reference old Ruud model numbers to the new Ruud model numbers. Use this model look-up tool to quickly and easily convert old water heating model numbers to the new, more intuitive numbering system. Just type in your old Ruud model number and we will show you the new model number. See the new model number structure. Enter Ruud Model Number MAJOR OIL COMPANY LUBRICANT CROSS-REFERENCE Lubricant Product Categories Specs approved / suitable for use with CO-OP® PREMIUM LUBRICANTS CO-OP® PREMIUM LUBRICANTS Chevron Mobil (Esso) Petro-Can Shell Diesel Motor Oil API CF; API CF-2/SL D-MO® 10W; D-MO® SAE 30 & 40 Delo 100 Mobil Delvac 1200 Duron Rotella T1 (Single Grades) API CK-4/CJ-4

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Eaton’s PS-386 Synthetic transmission lubricant is designed for fuel efficiency, extended drain intervals and severe service in heavy duty commercial vehicle transmissions which require a non-EP transmission lubricant. It is specially formulated to protect higher torque transmissions coupled with increased horsepower engines. STEMCO reference guides including user guides, tools guides, and application guides.

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See our Filter Element Cross Reference Interchange to find the Swift equivalent to an OEM filter element. Swift Filters, Inc. is an independent industrial filter manufacturer. Hydac Filters name is for reference only. All tradenames, service marks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. again im 99% positive that you wont find a direct interchange, and cubs drive system plus is nearly a straight 20 weight such as the jd hygard i mentioned in my previous post. going based on whats stated in this quote, 10w-30/ or any other oil you wish to put in there, will work just fine, and it will, but its no where near what is spec'd. plus hygard is hydralic fluid, not engine oil.

HINO 2005-2010 Quick Reference Guide HINO Quick Reference Guide 2005-2010 Model Years The Quick Reference Guide is designed to help you quickly look up parts for commonly ordered parts. The format has been changed from previous years. The main sections are in alphabetical order but the Sub-sections are not. The PART NAME is listed in the first ... Truck mounted air compressors, generators and welders - portable air compressors, engine driven compressors, hydraulically driven air compressors, underdeck air compressors, under chassis air compressors, diesel engine compressors, gas engine air compressors, propane air compressors, on the rail air compressors, skid mounted air compressors Please call for any cross not listed. Cross Reference Sheet . Air Compressor Products. PR AIR . ... Please call for any cross not listed: PR AIR: ... KAESER OIL, M460 ... SHELL TELLUS OIL T 15 is Sold in Small and Large Volumes at Mil-SpecProducts.com. This product is now available under its new name SHELL TELLUS OIL S2 V 15. Please use the link below.

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ENEOS products are the highest quality lubricants available in the marketplace today. These high performance products use advanced additive and base oil technology, the result of joint engineering and research with all of the Japanese automotive manufacturers. Home Page > Knowledge Base > Filter Finder Knowledge Base > GL20049 Microgard Cross Reference Filter Finder Knowledge Base If you are having trouble finding a filter for your application, please check here first as we publish all of the answers for questions we have received in the past. Find Oil Seals Cross Reference related suppliers, manufacturers, products and specifications on GlobalSpec - a trusted source of Oil Seals Cross Reference information. lubricant cross reference chart The above chart is representative of interchangeable lubricants to the best of our knowledge and abilty. As exact duplicates are not necessarily available from all companies, some minor compromises are included, which should in no way affect performance. Am thinking of changing the hydraulic oil in my Everide Warrior to Toro Hypr- oil 500. I have been using Mobil 1 and that seems okay but i think the toro oil may be higher rated, Everide recomend a 20/50 i dont know the viscosity of the Toro oil. Jun 08, 2015 · Sinopec Antiwear Hydraulic Oil ISO VG 32-46-68 is a premium weight hydraulic oil, ideal for industrial applications or for the hydraulic systems in all weather regions. It is a rust and oxidation (R&O)-inhibited oil with the added benefit of an antiwear additive package for protection.

Cross Reference Parts Search Results. No number compeititor provided, please enter a number in the sidebar and re-search. For over 30 years, Petro-Canada Lubricants has researched, developed and produced 350+ lubricants, specialty fluids and greases. We market our lubricants in over 80 countries.

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Oil Seal Cross Reference Chart and Guide GBSA Oil Seals deliver top performance and outstanding wear. They’re known around the world for their ability to prevent liquids and lubricants from leaking around rotary shafts and bearing housings. Dayton Superior offers one of the most comprehensive lines of concrete chemical product solutions in the concrete industry. Whether for new construction, retrofit or concrete repair, Dayton Superior chemical products bring reliable, field-tested performance to countless projects around the world. ASTO 2 MIL PRF 6081D GRADE 1010 ROYCO 481 BRAYCO 460 MINERAL TURBINE OIL FOR PRESERVATION Hydraulic Fluid Cross Reference. TOLL FREE] US) INTERNATIONAL! 1 (705) 742-9725 Filter Cross Reference Guide With thousands of filters, find the correct filter you need by using the filter cross reference guides. Please note: The Oil Filter Cross references are for general reference only. Lubricant Cross Reference . Viscosity. [email protected]/ [email protected] QA Lubricants. Mobil. Shell. Chevron. Castrol. 76. Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil

Cross reference Eaton products with competitors for a replacement part comparison. Product Cross-Reference Enter a manufacturer's product number and the comparable Intermatic product(s) will be shown below: Subscribe to Our Newsletter ...